Corporate social responsibility

You shouldn't really have to talk about doing your bit for and in society. It should be normal. We are part of a wider community, and our contribution – just like everyone else's – makes a difference.

At Maisberger, shouldering responsibility is the expression of a fundamental attitude. We never asked whether we can do something, but what we can do. We debated the matter long and hard and finally decided to give of the most precious assets we have: our knowledge and our time.

  • For some months now, we have thus been advising and supporting IWDR, a climbing club for disabled and non-disabled people, on all matters pertaining to public relations. We do this because we believe trust and courage can bring disabled and non-disabled people together in a way that goes beyond the specific activity they share.
  • We also provide pro bono communication services to the Neue Balan office campus – the "Campus of Ideas" – because we know that community begins in our own backyard.
  • Last but not least, we pass on our knowledge in lectures delivered at the Akademie der bayerischen Presse (AbP) and the Macromedia University for Media and Communication – because we want others to benefit from our experience.