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Sales-support through focused PR


Danish company Universal Robots is today recognized as a pioneer in lightweight robotics and human-robot collaboration. The help of Maisberger was enlisted when the company started out in early 2010. Its aim was to focus the attention of potential sales partners and end customers on the Universal Robots brand and the company's product: a small, flexible, lightweight robot that was new to German industry.

The relevant USPs also had to be made known in the trade and business press. Since then, Universal Robots has written a peerless success story. Throughout the whole of its exciting development, we have been the professional communication partner by its side, supporting and accompanying rapid growth, the challenges of the market and the need for successful lead generation.


Activities and campaigns:

  • Strategic consulting and development of focused sales support activities
  • Organization and supervision of editorial tours and press trips
  • Conventional PR activities such as press releases, specialist articles, statements and interviews
  • Event PR, including previews and follow-up reports, plus on-site activities and support from Maisberger consultants
  • Development of a partnership with Universal Robots' network of sales partners
  • Media relations leading to a transition from "push PR" to "pull PR"
  • Development of a reference customer program, including production of case studies in written form and as videos
  • Social media, including successful development of a Google+ community
  • Media planning 


Maisberger has, in the perception of the relevant target group, successfully positioned Universal Robots as a pioneer in the field of lightweight robots and human-robot collaboration. The company today ranks as one of the "50 Smartest Companies" in the world.

Maisberger's close partnership with Universal Robots, its sales partners and trade media delivers benefits all round. The challenges faced by fast-growing companies naturally spill over into the realm of communication. The Maisberger team assigned to Universal Robots masters each and every issue with consummate professionalism, accompanying this pioneering client with genuine enthusiasm on the strategic, operational and support levels.

Maisberger is also responsible for the client's digital positioning – primarily on Google+, where the one-million-view mark was recently surpassed.

Scope of services

  • Strategic consulting
  • targeted sales support
  • specialist articles
  • statements
  • media alerts
  • interviews
  • speaker placements
  • event support
  • media relations
  • social media
  • reporting

Highlight: Google+ Community Management

  • Supervision of two Google+ channels since August 2014
  • An average of 160,000 views per month in 2015
  • Continuous growth in the number of followers (around 40 a month)

"The Maisberger agency is a partner that has helped us with all our communication needs for years. Right from day one, when we were still a start-up, to the day we were sold to a publicly traded company. I really appreciate having a professional and enthusiastic team by my side every step of the way, because a fast-growing company like ours could not face a more disparate array of challenges. I look forward to new communication activities that we will share. If we keep on doing them as we have in the past, our performance chart will continue to head way up north."