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A market in transition

Germany is an advanced, industrialized country. But it is also a nation in transition. Robots are taking their place as workers' new colleagues. Digitization and connectivity are shaping the future plans of successful enterprises. New, innovative technologies are calling conventional wisdom and practices into question. The internet of things and Industry 4.0, robots and connected cars, smart homes and 3D printing… A new industrial revolution is already in full swing, and is placing completely new demands on the art of corporate communication.

Challenges to communication

Every decision-maker is by now at least familiar with all the buzzwords. Yet many companies are still uncertain about how to position their innovations on the market and how communication can best be used to overcome the fears of SMEs.

Other firms are eagerly seeking the ideal way to bridge the communication gap between their target and actual statuses. The connected factory may not yet have made it off the drawing board, but they are already under pressure to position themselves as forward-looking businesses with a viable future. And they understandably want to know what to do on the communication front – not only in respect of the media, but also with an eye to existing and future employees, influencers and partners.

The number of tech-savvy competitors is growing. New technologies and services require more detailed explanation, and must first gain customers' confidence. In a world of hype and buzzwords, clearly setting yourself apart from your rivals and maintaining high visibility is becoming an ever more tricky task. Yet it is crucial to intelligently link your own key topics with precisely these trends.

Our approach

Merely being "innovative" cannot be all there is to it. Stories have to be told and contexts explained. Companies must think in terms of scenarios and strive for thought leadership. Industry 4.0 demands a whole new understanding of communication if your story is to be carefully controlled across all relevant channels, and if interaction with influencers is to be nurtured.

Right from the outset, it is vital to identify clear differentiators, formulate a unique core story and professionally edit multimedia content. All of which must be guided by a content strategy that pans out across the big picture. This is the bedrock of successful communication work.

Visionary campaigns, programs to boost sales, strategic realignment, activities to raise brand and product awareness: You name it, the essence always involves smart storytelling to communicate your messages to your audience. This is what positions technology leaders as thought leaders who shape how their products are perceived on the market – and who tap new business opportunities in the process. 

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Your Contact

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