IT & Telcos

A market in transition

Few industries can rival the IT sector for the sheer pace of innovation. And few other industries have such a profound impact on business processes, the economy as a whole and society at large. The digital revolution has – yet again – turned the IT world on its head, spawning new technologies and value creation models in the process.

Challenges to communication

Yet innovation alone is no guarantee of success. Technologies must be wrapped up in and delivered with effective communication if they are to be accepted. Communication also helps overcome fears and prejudices. The more mind-bending the topic – digital transformation, cloud computing, 3D printing, the device mesh, virtualization, whatever – the more important it is to spell out how things work, explain how everything fits together, zoom in on USPs and pan out across their social and economic importance. That must be done in words, pictures and sound. It takes technical expertise, a sound command of the language and focused communication. Above all, it demands creative, cross-media storytelling that enriches proven experience with a constant stream of fresh ideas.

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Your Contact

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