A consistent information architecture is pivotal to the success of digital communication. Consistency anchors your digital brand presence in everything from e‑mail boilerplates to content hubs. Digital communication must dovetail seamlessly with your existing corporate strategy. It must recognizably bring together all touchpoints, content, activities, tools and technologies.

When developing compelling communication strategies, Maisberger always focuses on your target group. If the right messages are to be formulated and the right activities planned, it is essential to accurately profile this target group: to know their preferences, information habits and decision processes. The resultant messages are then packed into creative, inspiring content and formats that stay vividly in the reader's mind. A personalized approach adds value that cements the lasting loyalty of your target group to your company.

What, specifically, do we seek to do?

  •        Position your company as a thought leader
  •        Improve your brand image and your perceived relevance
  •        Extend your reach
  •        Boost your customer retention
  •        Place your topics
  •        Make your communication more interactive
  •        Encourage dialogue
  •        Build networks of influencers

How do we do it?

Maisberger adopts a strictly strategic approach to each and every communication project. These days, it is imperative to flank the development of personas, messaging and content strategy with the use of different technologies. We work with you to choose the right tools and technologies that will keep your project on track from the word go.

Our digital communication services

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