The way to good internal communication are manifold

Internal communication is often seen as an annoying chore. Yet it can be so much more! It is an opportunity to build the trust and confidence that makes the company as a whole more effective. It is also the key to successful change management. The image of a solid company and a strong brand can only be credibly conveyed to the outside world if trust and transparency prevail on the inside. Your external image can only be sustainably changed if it has resolute backing from within.

Logically, therefore, internal communication is not a one-off activity but a continuous process. It must quickly and actively accompany changes in the company. It must celebrate successes and openly address failures and challenges. Openness and transparency also lay a foundation of information, motivate internal staff and give them a sense of orientation. An open, honest climate drives innovation and even encourages compliance: People can only keep to processes and prescriptions – and even improve them – if they know about them and understand why they are there.

So how do you do it? There are as many paths to good internal communication as there are companies. Maisberger has been delivering internal communication projects for a good twenty years – and still learns something from every new assignment. To us, the most important thing is to tell stories within the company, not just to external audiences. These stories must be entertaining, coherent and, above all, honest. Our activities in this area are aligned with varying needs for information and communication. They help people understand decisions and accompany change processes. And should things ever threaten to boil over, our crisis communication experts are very adept at taking the heat out of critical situations.