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Internal Communication

A mix of tools

The perfect tool mix with creativity and flair

So you just circulate the information and that's it, right? Wrong! That is not how internal communication works. A story sticks in the mind only if different aspects of it are played out and repeated across multiple channels over an extended period. Delivering a smart mix of tools and cross-media storytelling thus demands both experience and a sensitive touch.

It is imperative to pass on important information swiftly and in person. If everyone is to receive a first-hand account and no room is to be left for interpretation, the boss must deliver the address – by video link-up, if need be. Only then can certainty and authority be communicated, empathy and concern expressed and questions dealt with immediately.

Where speed is of the essence and informal communication is not a problem, online channels are the option of choice. It doesn't always have to be a sprawling intranet. Tools such as Yammer and Chatter can put fresh wind in internal communication and fuel vibrant dialog. We ourselves have worked with these tools for years.

Corporate blogs can dig deeper into the subject matter. This kind of tool forges a digital bond between employees.

More hands-on channels – from newspapers to posters, from flyers to bulletin boards – are the ideal complement to online delivery, especially if one or more of your target groups operates primarily offline. These analog channels are a good way to kindle people's curiosity or provide a broad spread of background information.

And then there are the really creative tools: from red sofas to your own corporate radio channel, from dedicated apps to special events. All these and more are tools that must fit the situation, so choosing and deploying the right ones often requires tremendous sensitivity and excellent instincts. You'll be surprised how creative we can be!