Internal Communication

Change & Crisis

Establish a fruitful dialogue to build confidence and promote stability

Especially in tricky situations such as crises, restructuring exercises and acquisition scenarios, internal communication has to quickly move center-stage. It must prepare employees for changes and straighten out what is often a tough internal challenge for the management.

It is hard to predict the outcome of a change process, but the roadmap to get you there can certainly be optimized. Critical scenarios – loss of trust in management, a lack of understanding for or identification with the company's goals, or the uncontrolled proliferation of incorrect or incomplete information – can be avoided or at least contained by professional change management.

Alongside messaging and ensuring the availability of information, another important objective is to cultivate fruitful dialog with employees in order to stabilize trust and commitment.

We take care of developing communication strategies when conditions in your company change. We also provide management training and/or communication coaching for new communication officers in your organization. And we are naturally happy to share our experience of crisis communication.