Internal Communication

Internal Storytelling

Every good story needs a core message

Stories are easy to remember. They often communicate messages more subtly and succinctly than sober, disembodied statements. So what makes a good story? First and foremost, the core message: What is it that the storyteller is trying to say?

There are many channels for internal communication. But there is only one core message that must be told and retold in a constant stream of new and developing stories. You also need a plot and the relevant characters.

Stories should highlight what a company or person stands for, where the journey is heading and why it is worth getting on board. There is no rule that says you should only talk about positives. Problems and conflicts can be addressed too – as long as you also provide orientation and a clear vision.

Yet storytelling is an art that must first be learned. Stories must be entertaining, emotional and always focused on a single goal. As long as people are willing to listen, you will find no shortage of suitable episodes in your company.

We track down the right stories, crafting them consciously and skillfully as a tool to effectively communicate your messages. People remember a good story, and that adds a new quality to your communication. Stories also need a good helping of emotion, of course: After all, they talk about your values, about what is important to your company.