Internal Communication

Strategic Approach

Internal communication with strategic approach

Strategic consulting is the point of departure: What is the current mood? What is the nature of the challenge? It makes no difference whether the firm is in the middle of a change of process or striving to master rapid growth. The challenges are all different, but two questions remain central in each case: Who needs to know what? And how can we tell them?

Repeating the same mind-numbing corporate mantras over and over again does not get the job done. Nor does sticking rigidly to one and the same information channel. At our "Discovery Workshops", you and we stake out all the relevant aspects needed to make internal communication effective at your company. That begins with the right messages, but also involves key communicators and what are often out-of-the-ordinary tools. We can naturally also take care of implementation – in the form of messaging training, CEO coaching and internal events, for example. We test proposed programs, accompany top managers as they go on tour, and advise communication departments on how to continue and maintain key dialogs. We also stand by the results of our work: The success of internal communication is something you can measure.