Public Relations

Crisis PR

A sovereign partner for crisis prevention

When faced with challenging situations, companies need a proven, professional partner. One of the most important jobs in communication management is to spot and take charge of crises or potential crisis situations at an early stage.

Even in the everyday communication context, 360-degree methods are already deployed to underpin finely-grained crisis prevention. We keep a careful watch on all relevant information stakeholders and subject-area "gatekeepers", and that lets you and us act quickly and surgically if the need arises. In media and messaging training sessions with a focus on multimedia, we prepare our clients' spokespeople for critical situations. And when the crisis has blown over, we sit down with you to ensure the most important lessons are learned – and make sure that crises remain very rare exceptions.

Over the past two decades, Maisberger has built an enviable reputation as a specialist for crisis management. Managing Partner Dr. Alexander Pschera has for years been teaching crisis communication in the media landscape and on the web at various media academies (such as Akademie der bayerischen Presse and Deutsche Presseakademie).