Digital communication

In today’s consumer landscape, visibility in online media is indispensable. Maisberger strengthens and positions your brand with strategic, multi-channel digital campaigns.


We cover the full spectrum of digital communication: from strategic consulting and the planning of 360-degree digital communication concepts to hands-on support as you find your feet in the world of social media.

Social media

Reap the benefits of social networks’ virtually infinite scope as you reach out to influencers, multipliers and – by no means least – potential customers. We tie the right messages and content together to build trust in your capabilities among your target group.

Content marketing

We forge strong bonds between you and your target group. We generate interest in and an understanding of your products, turning interesting leads into valued customers. Drawing on content marketing, we help you set up your own independent and target-group-specific communication system.

Social media advertising

More visibility, more clicks, more conversions. Raise awareness of your brand, cultivate interest in your services and transform website visitors into consumers. With social media advertising, we give you the tools and opportunities you need to reach your goals.

Influencer marketing

Whether you are in the B2B or the B2C space, influencers do more than just strengthen your brand. Fully 80% of customers base their decisions on the recommendations of influencers. That’s why we create influencer marketing strategies for your brand and your products – from creative concepts to implementation.

Further services

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