Influencer marketing is an important element of every content strategy

Who could be better suited to the task of creating and disseminating content about your brand and products than people who are already in touch with your target group?

We bring your brand, products and stories to life by tapping into the energy and reach of these authentic storytellers. Together with the right influencers for your company, we create credible content and messages that are well received by your target group – and that help foster trust in your brand.

What goals can influencer marketing help you achieve?

  • Brand awareness
  • Reach & image management
  • Website traffic
  • Interaction surrounding your brand and products
  • Lead generation and customer conversion
  • Retrievability in search engines
  • Authentic content production

Building on your brand objectives, we design the optimal strategy to interact with your stakeholders and thereby maximize conversions.

Every one of our campaigns is rooted in a creative idea and supported by the careful selection of influencers. Never losing sight of your brand, we walk you through the whole process – from initial contact to influencer management to final reporting.

Our influencer marketing services

  • Development of campaign ideas
  • Identification of suitable influencers
  • Development of content as the basis for cooperation
  • Influencer management
  • Reporting on cooperation

Would you like to learn more?

Sabrina Eckl-Wintzer

Social Media Marketing Manager

Further digital services

Social media

Successful social media communication means creating an actual connection to the target group and developing it in the long term.

Social media

More visibility, more clicks, more conversions. Raise awareness of your brand and cultivate interest in your services.


We forge strong bonds between you and your target group. We generate interest in and an understanding of your products, turning interesting leads into valued customers.

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