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Communication strategies for a competitive market positioning

Communication strategies for a competitive market positioning

Successful PR is built on close, robust relationships with journalists and other influential multipliers. For years, one of our key tasks has been to foster and maintain a network of relevant contacts. We take great care in doing this, preparing the way for you to engage in dialogue with those media and influencers that are of genuine importance to you.

What goals can media and influencer relations help you achieve?

  • Positive public opinion
  • Visibility and reach
  • Credibility and transparency
  • Thought leadership

We’ve got the full spectrum of PR covered. What can we do for you?

Corporate PR

Want to boost awareness of your company? We find the stories the public are most interested in. Or would you like to go a step further and position yourself in subject areas on which the media are currently reporting? We will establish you as an in-demand expert in your chosen market.

Product PR

Inform your target groups about your products and services, your USPs and the benefits you offer. Independent reporting attracts attention and builds confidence. Plug into our network. Let us help you position your products and services in the media.

Sales PR

Leverage PR to reinforce your sales activities. We align our messages and communication measures with those topics that currently align with your sales objectives. In so doing, we help you attain greater credibility and acceptance among customers and potential customers than marketing alone could ever give you.

Crisis PR

Don’t just react to developments! With our assistance, you can proactively seek out direct dialogue with relevant stakeholders. We walk you through the entire crisis, working with you to implement both internal and external communication measures.

Media training

Learn how to deal with journalists. Our media workshops teach you how to respond with quick-witted answers, determine the topics addressed and stay on top in discussions and debates. We use dummy interviews and video recordings to get you in shape for any and every press conference.

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