B2B communication: Passionate about your success

Our clients’ technologies are changing the world – we explain the currents and undercurrents that are inspiring people and transforming society. How? With a combination of market insights to provide clear strategic context, specialist knowledge to make complex technology readily understandable, creativity to bring even the driest subject matter to life, and skillful communication to hit the right notes every time.

Your success is the passion that drives us.



Information technology

From client/server topologies to the cloud, from blockchain to AI: Digitalization is king in the IT world. We get your story known in the right media and via the right channels.


Smart factories, the Internet of Things, machine learning… “Industry 4.0” is shot through with automation and connectivity technologies. Join us in embracing the Fourth Industrial Revolution!

Change management

Highly motivated employees are the key to your company’s success. That, however, presupposes transparent and authentic communication. Especially at a time of transition and transformation, change management is a job for the boss. Don’t just follow the trends: Join with us in shaping change!


Profound upheavals are shaking up the consulting market. As social and technological developments change whole industries, the consulting business must likewise adapt with them. Discover the implications of a VUCA world – and learn why hard and soft skills need each other.

Work and education

Communication and collaboration tools give us new freedoms in our work, but also new challenges. What changes can we expect in employee healthcare, ongoing education and personnel management? What knowledge, skills and qualifications do we need? We introduce humans and machines to the world of new work.

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