Time to move

The consulting market is in perpetual motion. It is a restless, turbulent terrain driven by the unrelenting changes that grow out of social developments, political decisions and technological trends. Just like its clientele, really. As industries are caught up in transformation, business models and processes follow suit. Digitalization is changing us. It is changing everything.

VUCA – All in the mind? Or just a gut feeling?

Heraclitus – the man who coined the phrase “panta rhei”, “everything is in flux” – must have been a consultant. In today’s VUCA world of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity, the conditions within which companies operate seem to change by the minute. Methods of leadership, hierarchies, whole management philosophies are constantly up for grabs. Is that all in the mind? Or is it rather a gut feeling?

“The consulting market moves to a different beat. In no other market segment is it so important to strike the right balance between hard and soft skills. To spot trends, understand business models and processes, implement technologies, all without losing sight of the people involved. The consulting industry mirrors economic, political and social developments.”

Dr. Alexander Pschera, Managing Director, Maisberger GmbH

Advising consultants

Nothing is as constant as change, and the consulting space is no exception to this rule. Consulting networks evolve and morph into ecosystems. Proven consulting expertise encounters digital start-ups, venerable incumbents discover modern consulting portfolios.

And Maisberger? We are right in the middle of all this. Because we, too, are consultants and clients on a granular level. Our thinking spans vast dimensions and tiny spaces. We know the Pareto principle, use SWOT analyses and speak fluent consultese. We add value.


Our consulting expertise

  • Personnel consulting
  • Management consulting
  • Strategy consulting
  • Consulting on digital transformation
  • Project and turnaround management
  • Consulting PR


We know the consulting scene. And we master communication. We have been advising consultants for 25 years.

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