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The world of work is experiencing massive disruptions. Topics such as new work and new leadership, the digital transformation and emerging concepts of a flexible, on-demand way of working are bringing radical change to corporate cultures. Are you ready for the changes ahead?

Working to live or living to work?

New work is changing companies, employees and the way we work. It is so much more than just “working from home”. It denotes far-reaching changes in which social, economic and political developments play an important part. Many factors have triggered the new way of working: globalization, digitalization, connectivity, demographic change. Even pandemics.

“Generation Y sees work through completely new eyes. Terms such as work/life balance and new work reflect [the desire for] a lifestyle in which equal value is attached to family, the environment and work itself.”

Maren Voss, Team Leader Human Centered Communication

Companies, however, are not always prepared for such drastic cultural changes. How could they affect the health of employees? Might HR managers have to change the way they recruit people? And what about ongoing education?


The working and learning environment includes:

  • New work
  • Digital transformation
  • Employee healthcare
  • New learning and ongoing education
  • Human resources


New work is all about reconciling different interests. It is about treating management and staff alike as equals. It is about flexible and agile jobs that are freed from the limitations of time, manner and place. Even the lines between work and leisure time are dissolving. Job descriptions are in flux. Corporate cultures need to be redefined. Leadership is taking on a whole new meaning.


And Maisberger? You’ll find us right at the beating heart of new work. In our day-to-day work with clients. In our communication with media representatives. In everything to do with corporate culture.

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