Using strategy and content to become the employer of choice

Find them, recruit them and keep them! Successful employer branding means drawing attention to yourself as an attractive employer. But it also involves walking employees through the entire personnel process with the aim of cementing their long-term loyalty. Which is exactly where our employer branding journey comes in, helping you to deliver the right content to the right (potential) employees at the right time.

What goals can strategic employer branding help you achieve?

  • Raise awareness of your company as an employer
  • Become more competitive as an employer
  • Boost employees’ performance – and your business results
  • Create an effective and efficient recruiting and retention strategy
  • Engage in target-group-specific communication with applicants
  • Cut your recruiting costs
  • Transform employees into brand ambassadors

Successful recruiting and retention

Find them, recruit them and keep them! We break the employer branding process down into three phases that let you reach separate target groups (trainees, young professionals, specialists and managers) with your messages and topics at different stages of their career. We work with you to hammer out a distinctive employer value proposition as the strategic framework for our work in this field.


Our recipe for success?

Well-designed, sustainable and strategic employer communication on which we base a mix of selected communication measures.


Whether you want to produce an authentic careers website, a creative job ad or an employee newsletter, a consistently positive employer image arouses the interest of applicants and transforms existing staff into enthusiastic ambassadors.

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