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Making your company shine brightly

What does 360-degree visibility give your company? Well, would happier employees, better sales opportunities and all kinds of new perspectives and possibilities perhaps be to your taste? Every company has stories that are worth telling. We help you track down these stories and tell them in such a way that your people, products and organization exude a warm, compelling appeal across every communication channel.

Communication that cuts through complexity

The business and trade press are important, but so too are influencers and blogs. Maisberger targets these groups not only with copy, but also with visual media that cast your company in the right public light – and keep it there.


Some technologies need a bit more explaining. And the evidence shows that they in particular benefit tremendously from communication that, while rightly emphasizing hard facts and efficiency, also fosters positive associations and social relevance.

“Professionals. Really nice people who know what they are doing. Reliable, creative and with a good nose for trends. They find the right strategies for even the most complex technologies and translate them into sharply focused campaigns and copy. Thank you, Maisberger!”

Christine Bachmayer, Senior Manager EMEA Marketing, Quantum

You can’t see a hidden champion…

Being a “hidden champion” is not enough: You need to be a “visible champion”! Put a face to your company and your achievements will speak for themselves. We walk you through the process of making your company a shining star in the public perception – across all channels.

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