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Even external communication has an internal effect. Evidence from numerous studies shows that the image a company presents to the outside world has a powerful influence on employee satisfaction and, specifically, on the prospects for successful recruiting. That is why, in all forms of communication, it is so important to be aware of the people who have dealings with your company (and who will have them in future).

Focus on the individual

Through a large number of successful projects, a dedicated Maisberger team has demonstrated how internal and external communication can be interwoven in such a way that – alongside the technology, the product and the company’s history – the individual constantly remains the focus of all communication.

“We have found Maisberger to be a PR partner that helps us merge creative ideas with focused communication and place our messages in the media. The team was also instrumental in the exceptional success of our study on “How Germany Works” [“So arbeitet Deutschland”].”

Timo Lehne, Managing Director, SThree

Successful companies have one thing in common…

…which is that their own people are every bit as important to them as their customers. And that, of course, is a message that spreads like wildfire among rival players! Employee-focused communication that is practiced consistently, not just when crises flare up, has become a factor of competition. It boosts employee satisfaction and opens doors in recruiting. We relish the chance to help you develop and implement this kind of strategy.

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