Lead generation

From good content to better customers

Logically, good communication should be communication that leads to a new customer. That is our firm belief. Content isn’t just there to spread a company’s information, opinions and positions in the public domain like farmers spread muck on their fields. Strategic content has real potential to convince customers about your company and your products.

Return on investment

The methods Maisberger has come up with for this kind of content-driven lead generation have a lasting impact. They don’t just help you quickly fill a lead pipeline and, out of that, develop a steady stream of quality leads: They also significantly increase the return on your investment in marketing.

“Maisberger sets great store by digital content. The team’s fantastic work is rooted in a mix of years of expertise and a hands-on mentality. They combine strategic consulting with creative ideas. One thing I especially like is that the people at Maisberger never, ever forget anything.”

Jörg Bonarius, Marketing and BD Manager, EMEA Central, Brocade

Communication that tears down barriers

Far too much content lands straight in the trashcan – often because it is the product of strictly separate silos. Marketing does its thing, PR does its thing, and “never the twain shall meet”. Not so at Maisberger, where strategic digital communication tears down such barriers and dovetails every individual discipline.


We see no inherent contradiction between high-quality clippings and hot leads. In many cases, the two feed off the same source(s). And we know those sources! Let’s talk.

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