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Maisberger has been handling PR work for the following web-based products since 2011: umantis Talent Management, the Haufe Suite, Haufe Zeugnis Manager ("Reference Manager"), Haufe Vorschriften Manager ("Regulations Manager") and the client's cross-publisher research platform for law firms. Our job is to boost awareness of Haufe's software solutions among the relevant target groups and markets.

Maisberger is also responsible for positioning Haufe as a thought leader in management and organizational development.


Maisberger develops topics for which individual speakers from Haufe are positioned as experts in the media. For the campaign "Leadership 3.0: From employee to co-decision-maker" (the phrase works much better in German, believe us!) , Maisberger positioned Marc Stoffel as the figurehead for the company's philosophy that "employees run companies" in daily and business media. Stoffel was democratically elected by his fellow employees as CEO of Haufe-umantis. Alongside numerous interviews, Maisberger organized an exclusive press dinner with Markus Reithwiesner, CEO of the Haufe Group, and Joachim Rotzinger, Haufe's Managing Director. Hand-picked key journalists were invited to the dinner in Hamburg. Maisberger also designed a trend study entitled "From employee to co-decision-maker". This in turn served as proof of concept and supplied the media with more material on the subject of democratic company management. Maisberger is in charge of conceptual design, project management and study marketing.

The subsequent PR campaign – "Employee-focused operating system for sustainably successful companies" – was again designed and implemented by Maisberger. This campaign was launched with three press dinners attended by Markus Reithwiesner, Marc Stoffel and Herrmann Arnold. These events alone led to a number of publications in respected media, as well as several contributions to books.

In its product communication, Maisberger opts for a broad mix of PR activities such as press releases, specialist articles, case studies and interviews at relevant trade fairs. Industry and trade media constitute the primary media target groups.


Maisberger succeeded in arranging numerous interviews with all relevant daily and business media, resulting in virtually wall-to-wall coverage in the media landscape (including Harvard Business Manager, Focus, Spiegel, Die Zeit, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Handelsblatt and Wirtschaftswoche). The study "From employee to co-decision-maker" was likewise placed in trade, industry and business media, with the result that Haufe is now recognized as a thought leader in management and organizational development.

At product level, Haufe is now perceived as one of the big players for innovative, modern software solutions on the German market.

Scope of services

  • Strategic consulting
  • campaign development
  • study design and marketing
  • press releases
  • specialist articles
  • interviews
  • case studies
  • corporate publishing
  • organization and hosting of press events

Highlight 1: Specialist articles by and interviews with Marc Stoffel, CEO Haufe-umantis AG

Armed with topics such as democratic company management and ground-breaking organizational development, Maisberger was able to place Haufe in all relevant daily and business media. Marc Stoffel, CEO of Haufe-umantis AG, now gives readers the benefit of his expertise in a large number of specialist articles and interviews. One special highlight  was a nine-page editorial contribution in Harvard Business Manager on why companies need to rethink their leadership model in light of current global economic challenges.

Highlight 2: Press dinners in Hamburg, Berlin and Düsseldorf

To accompany two campaigns, "Leadership 3.0: From employee to co-decision-maker" and "Employee-focused operating system for sustainably successful companies", Maisberger organized exclusive press dinners with representatives of the local daily and business press in Hamburg in 2014, and also in Berlin and Düsseldorf in 2015. Maisberger produced dossiers on the subjects for speakers from Haufe, invited relevant journalists and hosted the events. As well as nurturing contact with the journalists in attendance, direct outcomes included several articles – in manager magazine  and Berliner Zeitung, for example.

"We didn't just want a service provider. We wanted a partner, an equal. In Maisberger, we found an agency that not only has years of experience and a wealth of HR expertise. They also know how to bring creative ideas and strategic communication together and successfully place the right messages in the media, thanks to their excellent contacts with journalists."

Glance on: Haufe

Glance on: Haufe

Maisberger designed and implemented, the successful public relations campaign "Operating System for sustainably successful company".